Dear applicant,

Welcome to our Dingo Volunteer program. In this document you will find a summary of what our program is all about and how to book your spot for an experience that you will never forget. Africa is one of the most beautiful and bio diverse continents in the world and our aim is to give you an African experience that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Program Overview

This program has been designed to create a space for volunteers to be completely immersed into what we do on a daily basis. We want you to be hands on and for you to have a realistic view of what we do here everyday.

This includes working with our many animals here on site, assisting on some days at our educational exhibits that we have running at some of our venues, having wild animal encounters out in the African bush, having one on one time with Dingo and the team and of course seeing how we produce the various content for our social media platforms.

We want to reiterate that this is not a holiday club and that the program involves getting your hands dirty and helping us do our normal day to day work. Consideration will be given to older applicants and those with any physical difficulties, but the program will require some good old-fashioned hard work!


Anyone between the ages of 16 and 70 can attend the program. Children younger than 16 are welcome provided that at least one of their parents will be joining them. Having said that, space is extremely limited and a submission of an application will not guarantee your spot. Each application will be reviewed to ensure that only applicants who will suit the program will be accepted.


You will be based in the beautiful town of Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal, which is situated just twenty minutes inland from Durban. International and domestic flights can be booked through to King Shaka International Airport which is just 45 minutes away from our basecamp.

Qatar airlines is currently the cheapest carrier flying into Durban but there are many other airline options as well.

During our summer months (December/January) the weather is warm during the day and can reach 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit fairly often.  Our climate is similar to Florida’s in the summer so as you can imagine, Summer in Africa is a reptile’s paradise!


You will be hosted in our volunteer camp which will be set up at Dingo’s private facility. This is where most of the animals are based as well as the home base for the entire Dinkelman family.

Volunteers will have access to wifi, laundry, kitchen, lounge area, fire pit, pool, etc.

We will provide a basic breakfast for you to prepare as well as a lunch for each day. Tea and coffee will be available all day at your accommodation, but dinner is not included in the cost.


Please note that we recommend that you attend the program for at least two weeks to ensure you get a full African experience.

1 Week $ 1250.00
2 Weeks $ 1750.00
3 Weeks $ 2150.00
4 Weeks $ 2500.00

For all returning volunteers who have attended a program in the past, you will receive a 10% discount on the rates quoted above.

These costs include:

All airport shuttles to and from our camp (provided you are arriving on the agreed upon day)

Two meals per day (breakfast and lunch)


All transport to and from shops, outings, projects, etc



Specific group outings planned for the time of your stay. See schedule below.

The costs exclude:

Flights and travel insurance

Visas (where applicable)



Please note your spot will only be booked and confirmed once a minimum deposit of 50% of your fee has been received.



Please note that the following itinerary is as accurate as possible but may change due to circumstances out of our control.

Weeks will run from Friday through to the following Thursday. Fridays will be considered travel days for those arriving and leaving or Voluntary Activity days for those staying for those days.

WEEK 1 12/02 – 12/08 Massive Crocodile Move and Croc Experience Building Public Set ups
WEEK 2 12/09 – 12/15
WEEK 3 12/16 – 12/22 Snake Call Outs and Running Public Set Ups
WEEK 4 12/23 – 12/29
WEEK 5 12/30 – 01/05 Snake Call Outs and Running Public Facilities
WEEK 6 01/06 – 01/12
WEEK 7 01/13 – 01/19 Snake Call Outs and Running Public Set Ups
WEEK 8 01/20 – 01/26

Weekly Activities

In addition to the planned activities above, we will also be doing the following every week:

  • Feeding crocodilians at the facility
  • Feeding all snakes and lizards at the facility
  • Day trips to wilderness areas
  • Searching for snakes and other animals
  • Filming content for various social media platforms
  • Forest walks
  • Daily husbandry on all animals at the facility
  • And more
Voluntary Activities

These activities will be available at an additional cost and will be scheduled for Friday off days

  • Elephant interaction
  • Stadium Swing at Moses Mabida Stadium
  • Forest Zip Lining
  • Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tips and others)
  • Game Drive in Preserve
  • White Water Rafting

Please note that there is a high likelihood that some big American Youtubers will be joining us for the moving of the large Crocodile in the beginning of December. This move will involve an entire crocodile experience and a road trip to another province in South Africa.

In order to apply for the program please complete ALL the information below. In complete applications will not be accepted.